“Head” trick at the Anglo Scottish


Well what a fab week at the Anglo Scottish and BSA Champs.  The Saturday saw a slalom race on the Maison Neuve after a change of location.  Three runs down a short slalom course.  The course was simple and straight forward and after the first run I was comfortably in the lead however it was the best two runs to count out of the three.  Luckily I held on to my lead and ended up fastest on all three runs.  Well done to Kayne Stanway for coming second and Sam Chambet third.

On the Sunday we were expecting a Kombi race but due to limited slope availability this was changed to a two run GS race.  My first run went amazingly well and I felt I did exactly what my coach Alex Reidy had expected and hoped I would do.  The comment was I came out of the gate like Ted Ligety.  I lead the U10s by over 3 seconds and I knew my time was very fast, so fast infact that only one U12 boy, Scott Johns bettered it but only by 0.11 of a second.  For the second run I just had to hold on. The course was running slower but I still finished in a good time, again winning both my u10 runs.   My first time ended up being the second fastest time in all the U10 and U12 boys which saw me qualify to race as with the U14s in the Superstars race on the Tuesday which I never expected to happen.

And so to the last minis race and another GS.  This time it was just one run down a long course.  I didn’t ski as well as the previous day but managed to hold on after landing a jump over a ridge badly.  Luckily I managed to finish in first place but well done to Kayne who was less than half a second behind me.

On the Tuesday I raced down the U14s course and got to wear my catsuit for the first time.   I was a little nervous but just skied my best and my mum and dad were pleased I got down safely.   It was a great experience and now I know what it expected for next year.

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