Time for some skiing

Off to the Alps soon for some training and racing.  Will keep you up to date with tweets @SkierOgden and news on my new website

Competition Results table

Date Race Category Rank
19/10/14 ersa U10 regional champion U10 1st
19/10/14 Brentwood ersa U10 1st
11/10/14 Esskia National Finals – Norfolk U12 Ind – 1st
U12 Team – 1st
28/09/14 ersa Finals -combined champ U10 1st
28/09/14 ersa Finals – indoor Hemel U10 2nd
27/09/14 ersa Finals – outdoor Welwyn U10 1st
21/09/14 Esskia Qualifying – Welwyn U12 1st
14/09/14 British champs Pontypool U10 1st
13/09/14 Welsh champs Pontypool U10 2nd
30/09/14 All England Norfolk U10 1st
17/07/14 European Champs Castleford U10 3rd
16/07/14 5th BIGP Castleford U10 3rd
20/07/14 Tallington ersa U10 1st
22/06/14 Ipswich Club National U10 2nd
15/06/14 Hemel Club National U10 1st
14/06/14 Bromley Club National U10 2nd
08/06/14 Milton Keynes ersa U10 2nd
18/05/14 Norfolk ersa U10 1st
11/05/14 Hemel ersa U10 1st
10/05/14 Welwyn ersa U10 1st
27/04/14 School ersa Ipswich U10 Ind – 1st
Team – 1st
09/04/14 Bristish Champs, Meribel U10 9th
08/04/14 Bristish Champs, Meribel – GS U10 7th
07/04/14 Courchevel Champs – Combi U10 4th
18/03/14 Interschools, Les Houches – GS U10 6th
17/03/14 Interschools, Les Houches – SL U10 10th
19/02/14 English Alp Champs, Bormio – GS U10 5th
17/02/14 English Alp Champs, Bormio – Comb U10 3rd
12/02/14 Niederau Cup  – Slalom U9 2nd
06/01/14 Les Houches GS U10 DNF
05/01/14 Les Houches Combi U10 6th
04/01/14 Les Houches Dual Slalom U10 1st
13/10/13 ersa U10 regional champion U10 1st
13/10/13 Brentwood ersa U10 1st
05/10/13 Esskia National Finals – Norfolk U12 Ind – 1st
Team – 2nd
29/09/13 ersa champs – indoor Hemel U10 1st
28/09/13 ersa champs – outdoor Welwyn U10 1st
21/09/13 British champs U10/U12′s race U10 2nd
15/09/13 Esskia Qualifying – Welwyn U12 Ind – 3rd
Team – 1st
08/09/13 Bassingbourne ersa U10 1st
31/08/13 All England – Gloucester U10 2nd
14/07/13 Tallington ersa U10 1st
07/07/13 Hemel ersa U10 2nd
23/06/13 Gloucester Club National U10 dsq
22/06/13 Midland Club National U10 2nd
16/06/13 Vikings ersa U10 1st
09/06/13 Viking Club National U10 2nd
08/06/13 Norfolk Club National U10 1st
02/06/13 Milton Keynes ersa U10 1st
26/05/13 Stoke Club National U10 2nd
25/05/13 Pendle Club National U10 1st
19/05/13 MK Club National U10 dsq
18/05/13 Welwyn Club National U10 1st
12/05/13 Norfolk ersa U10 1st
28/04/12 School ersa Welwyn U10 4th
21/04/13 Welwyn ersa U10 1st
14/10/12 ersa mini/U8 regional champion Mini/u8 1st
14/10/12 Brentwood ersa Mini/u8 1st
30/09/12 ersa champs – indoor Hemel U12 10th
29/09/12 ersa champs – outdoor Welwyn U12 4th
09/09/12 Bassingbourne Mini/u8 1st
01/07/12 Viking ersa Mini/u8 1st
24/06/12 Norfolk ersa Mini/u8 1st
23/06/12 Milton Keynes ersa Mini/u8 3rd
10/06/12 Hemel ersa Mini/u8 3rd
29/04/12 Welwyn ersa Mini/u8 1st
22/04/12 Schools ersa Welwyn U10 5th

My new website goes live!

Big thanks to Squeegee and Clearsite for building it for me.
I will now be able to keep my friends and family up to date with where I am and what I have been doing.

What’s coming up?

What’s coming up?

I’ll try to keep this as updated as possible so I can you abreast of all forthcoming races:

Cheers, Alex